Lie in the sand

Friends Only

The European tour finishes at the end of October (tourtourtourtourtour YAYAYAYAYAYAY!). My birthday is on the 29th and so Giles and I hgave been thinking that the wedding should be in mid-November or something.

Holy SHIT there is so much to plan ommmmgggggg! Flynn is helping me. I sent him after flower samples the other day and he returned to me, bemused, and covered in posies. AHHAHAH it was awesome!

Now I have to find a venue on short notice. I can bribe them with money and rock stars MUAHAHHAHA! Oooh, might see if The Globe is free... That was a beautiful venue for Peter's wedding. PHONE CALL TIEM!
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Oh Yeah

Friends Only


TOMORROW WE'RE GOING HERE and we have to walk up all these stairs and Giles is going to have to keep up with me!

Then there's the day trip to Rothenberg! YAY GERMANY IS FUCKING AWESOME! And hotel rooms=sexy times.
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Break Me

To Those in the Know

So Jareth kicked my arse, and Juliette saved me because he broke my neck in two and then I think my entire me as well but she got me back to the hospital and Rolf made it all better but seriously ow. My face is still bruised though. He didn't focus on that. So I went to see Giles afterwards and he was all OMG you're a superhero and he bought us some plane tickets so we're headed to Germany for a week. Spectre's mixing the album and we'll be back right as it is finished. Which is awesome. Because that means is almost touring time again.

Holy shit, yeah!

So anyway, I'm okay and we're going to be in Heidelberg adn we're bringing Juliette with us so we can take breaks sometimes and do our own thing, but Eiley and Gabriel get to come too. Should be good.

I've never broken my back before. Nor have I fought a 400-year-old demon. I didn't expect him to be so...god. I forgot the old ones can kill you. I forgot that. If he had had a chance to rip my head off before Juliette stopped him and got me out of there...

I could have died like Kait did.

Well. Doesn't matter.
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Lie in the sand

Friends Only

OH HELL YEAH I AM WONDER WEMONS! Tal, Steph and I got matching tattoos. OMFG the guys who tattooed us were like "OMGYAY"

So I went over to my boyfriend's house and showed him and he loved it and I am so happy right now lalalala WHOOHOOO!

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