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Today was fun! I got new sexy gothy clothes and then I went back to Quinn's room (hot, huh?) and he showed me this totally creepy game called Project Zero:3 and man. Talk about your ritual sacrifices. I am so glad I don't live in Japan. Their scary stuff is SCARY!


And of course now is when I remember that my house is haunted by a ghost named Dennis. I hope he doesn't give me ritual sacrifice dreams!!

Also, Quinn showed me the end of the previous installment, Project Zero:2 (like duh) and uhm...I can never look at butterflies the same way again. Quinn, you have ruined my favourite insect for me! Damn you, Japanese horror games! Damn you!

*wiggles fingers* RiiTTtuuUUuuAAaaLLlll SSSssAAaccCCRRrrrIIiiiFFFffIIIiiiCCcceEEE! OOooOOOOoO!

I think I'm hilarious. Can you tell?

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