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Been a while since I had a private post about actual things that weren't just me being bitchy. I think that means I'm growing. Except for the bitchy...

In about 8ish months (probably) there might be a baby living here part time. That is, if the baby is in fact Pierre's, and they do in fact stay together. I can't help but not trust Delilah even though Pierre would probably kick my arse if I said that out loud to him. So I won't. But if the baby is here part time, I'll renovate the basement so it can be like...a little semi house for them down there. I'll put a bathroom and a kitchenette in. There's already 2 bedrooms and a living area. We could make it really nice, and separate which will be good.

And now there will be a baby at the warehouse apartment too. I'm not complaining about this. I like babies. Once they get past that unbelieveably ugly squirming newborn stage they're really cute. But I don't know what to do with babies! They can't say anything and they just kind of sit there and stare at you. And Renee's all "Wah I can't have children" and I have to reassure her. But hello, I can't have children either! Unless I feel like passing on the 'Really Inherently Evil' gene. I don't WANT kids but, damn. And Kait too. She said she was getting 'Clucky'. I made this face O_O for two days.

And then there's Peter. He might lose his daughter to her birth mother and he's devastated. Would I really want a child when that meant that my entire happiness was based on them. I mean, I already feel that way about Renee and Kait. Add another little helpless person in there No.

No babies for Deirdre. Ever. I will help take care of Pierre's and Kat and Ethan's and then hand them back to their parents and be glad I am not a mother.


I miss Dylan.

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