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I would like you all to note that Deirdre Gallagher, the university student, is updating her livejournal from the university library! I got into this with my own student account with my own lamearse student password and I even have my own student ID where I look slightly stoned in the picture! I AM A UNI STUDENT! Who cares if I happened to be driven to uni today by my fabulously sexy drama professor who is currently staying at my house? That doesn't make my uni experience any different ;)

I had my english class this morning, and to my surprise, Kali was there helping the professor who HAPPENS to be Renee's daddy. I gots connections yo. I am SO like the mafia only pretty! It was a good class. I'm seeing David's class after lunch, getting together with Nancy and then ringing Rolf in fucking Austria. Today is a busy day.

Last night was busy too. I cannot express how much I love my girls, nor can I express how much they're helping me through this crap. Without them, I'd be at my wit's end know...beyond it. With them here, I can handle this. I love you both, My Girls. Forever.

Also, Pierre snuck in to our room at like 4 am (well after the sexcapades had ceased) and snuggled with us. It was sweet in a sad way, but we were glad to make you feel better, Pierre. At least I hope we did that!
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