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So I fell asleep on Peter's bed last night, only to be awakened this morning by a slightly amused Pierre and David. Oops. I tried a few things to wake him up, but apparently pissing him off, asking him politely and begging him profusely just don't work.


And now, my mother is getting a divorce. And she's moving HERE because she's been offered a high paid position for some big time magazine. She gets to take pictures of famous people and sometimes she get to travel to take pictures of famous places. And she even said she could take Renee, Kait and Amanda as assistants if they want the experience and the byline on a resume.

My mother is moving HERE. And I am actually happy about it. It's weird. We talked like people today.

By the way, Dylan's going to be living here with her, while the other two half siblings AKA the Brats From Hell will be staying in Dublin with Patrick the Loserfreak. They'll visit back and forth of course, but Dylan has done so well here that my mam enrolled him in a school so he could stay with all of us. I know one raven haired beauty that is probably overjoyed right now.

I know I am.

This is the kind of news I needed today. Really.
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