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Ok, who stole my red bra?! I really hope it was Renee, 'cause otherwise....weird. But it wouldn't FIT Renee. I am so sadly lacking in the bosom area, and Renee. Well...she isn't. *cough*


I love my red braaaaa! Give it back :|

I got a call from Mr. Charming Professor Fitzpatrick. He wants me to model for his photography class that starts in September, so he wanted to see when I was available. I told him that I was only available for night ones, and he said he has a later afernoon class that runs from 5-7 on Wednesdays. He said I won't have to be there all the time, because the students learn to use the cameras and how to dress the models, etc. They probably won't be using us until November, but if the students like me, I could be a subject for their semester projects. Yay! As for his contacts, he hasn't spoken to then yet, but he will later this week.

I am so nervous.

Jamie drank ALL the Mountain Dew I just bought, and now I shall need to buy more. He's such a cute little Mountain Dew guzzler! Renee and Jamie should NEVER let me go shopping alone again. I bought about 18 different kinds of juice, which will last several weeks, and not enough food for tonight's dinner. I am trying to remember how I managed to survive when I lived on my own, and suddenly I understand why I am modelsized...

Oh screw it, I'm ordering pizza. Jamie will be happy!


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