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Apparently I'm rich. Well not like....overly amazingly so but..uh...yeah.

Peter said he wanted to make sure I was taken care of and HOLY JESUS I THINK I'LL BE FINE!

I could now buy several houses if I wanted to. Or one really big nice one. But I won't. because that would be dumb.

I can't even do anything because my fucking hands are shaking. I mean...I knew Peter had money looking at his house but FUCK A MONKEY! And I called him back after I saw how much it was just to make sure it wasn't a misprint. It's not. And I said 'but what about Lydia and Anna?' and he said that he didn't give me everything, which yes okay, of course not that would be silly and there's still some for them.

Right. Well...that's ONE thing I no longer have to worry about.

And now I am off to my job. And then to my father's. Bah. are my hero. (Peter and CLAIRE!) A God and a Goddess amoung people and things.

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