Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher (deirdre_ionuin) wrote,
Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher

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Filtered to Pierre, Scarlett and Kait



I know you guys well enough to know this is bullshit. But I don't actually KNOW what it going on....

Pierre, did you leave?

Do you guys need me?

Tell me what to do?!

I am fucking sick of writing filtered posts. All this bullshittery has to STOP and I am going to help stop it.

EDIT: AAUUUGHHH. I swear to AISHA if it's not one thing, it's another. I just want to take a NAP. Just a nap. Is that too much to ask? I am going to go and rock back and forth in the corner now and pound my head against the wall. Hopefully I'll knock myself out and then I won't feel guilty for being dead to the world.

'Cause I'll be unconscious.
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