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Filtered to Renee, Pierre and Evey.


I have never ever wanted to slap the fuck out of Jake before, but so help me god I wish I could right now. I've wished I could kick Jack up the arse a few times, but Jake? Never.

How DARE he say what he said? Does he not understand that Peter's KIDS were TAKEN BY A DEMON!? Jesus CHRIST! Of course he didn't see it like I did. He didn't SEE what she did, but still...he should know better. And I know it sucks that Claire's here and she's not there for Avery. It's not fair at all. But she will be in a few hours. And she can help him and so can Peter.

But how does us being happy that everyone is safe constitute as having our heads up our arses? Because that concept is lost on me. I KNOW that Claire was here. I didn't forget. I've spent fucking YEARS without MY parents. It's not fair. It sucks. But come ON. Avery has every right to be upset. Jake has no right to attack everyone.

I am just trying to say that it's possible to see both sides of an issue. Avery's family is going through hell and the whole Peter thing probably didn't help at all, no. But isn't having your children kidnapped by the same person that killed your best friend a kind of hell as well. And now, knowing the kids are safe and Peter and Claire are on their way back to try and set things right...isn't that a fair enough thing to be happy about?

If that's what having one's head up one's arse means....I'll keep mine up there, thank you.
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