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Now that I think about it...Download probably isn't the best place for me to be anyway. I cancelled the limo since everyone is going with Scarlett now. Does anyone want my tickets. You can have 'em, they're yours. Evanna has first dibs. She likes roadtrips and bands and she's crazy and fun.

Me, I think I'll spend the money I'd been saving for the limo on something big. Or not...I should save for school. I am going to be so screwed if I can't afford it. Evey's parents are paying for hers. My Mam would but I don't want to ask her.

SPEAKING of my Mam...can someone tell me why I do this to myself? I called her to tell her about getting the commercial, yeah? She was thrilled. And then she asked me if I wanted her to do my headshots and I told her they were done and she got upset and I said that I needed them quickly and she wasn't here and she took that to mean that I wanted her to visit......

My Mam is coming to stay this weekend. Again. At least Peter is gone so she can't hit on him this time. The whole 'He's a priest' thing wouldn't work because he's not anymore. Oh Christ.

I'll be hiding under my bed.
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