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Busy Day

So, today was hectic! I had my equivalency exam this morning at 8:00 am. Good thing I am an early riser by choice! Easiest test I have EVER taken. I won't get my results of about a week but, I can tell you right now, I kicked arse.

Went to an audition this afternoon.

Look at me give Pierre a 'Heh...I am trying to not be NERVOUS!' look. Also...look at all the skinny girls. My goodness.

I think I did okay. Not so sure about it but I have another one tomorrow! After the audition, I went to get my headshots done. I lied about you getting to vote, I chose one because it's the hottest ever, okay! Keep in mind, the ones I give out will be black and white and not coloured but they made me look so NICE!

And, because I can't resist a good picspam, and I am in a good mood because AVERY IS AWAKE! Random shite!

Don't ask, my mother did it.

The look on my face? Priceless.

Where is my hand? Wouldn't you like to know ;)

WHEEEE Okay Sleep is good.
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