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My father is missing! I'd fill out a missing person's report if I cared. He left me a note to get when I returned. It was dated about 2 weeks ago, but it said he'd be back a few days after I got back. Still, I can't say I'm that worried. He left me plenty of money this time. If I didn't know him better, I'd think he was off with a lady friend. Or a man. but I don't think he thinks about that kind of thing!

So I am alone. And bored. And the cats are punishing me for leaving them alone with him, and then he left. Poor dears. Don't worry, they have an automatic feeder and water bowl, but their litter situation was getting a bit dire when I returned. Since then they have shown their displeasure by leaving me little presents in my shoes. Being a pet owner is a glorious thing.

The Cure was on the radio yesterday, Renee, and it made me think of you, Dear! You must come over here soon! *lures you with promises of cooking fine foods*

I shall be off now, finding new ways of entertaining myself.


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