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Wow, sorry for disappearing on you all. My Mam just showed up in London and asked me to go to Dublin with her for a few weeks. And I'm back as suddenly as I left.

Is everyone alright? I made sure Jamie and Renee were ok when I heard what happened in London, but I wanted to make sure everyone else made it through safely. Comments please?

I actually had a really good time with my mother, which is an amazing thing. Generally we get together for a lunch a few times a year and that's as much as we can take. Or at least as much as she can take. But I think she's stating to feel older and she needed me around for some reason. Either way, it was worth it to see her, even if I did have to deal with the terrors that inhabit the bodies of my step siblings.

I still can't call her "mam" to her face. She took me to her gallery and she took a few pictures of me and she showed me how to work her special camera. Even though I don't remember that now! And I spent a few days, walking around Dublin, just remembering things from my childhood, and of course, avoiding The Terrors. It was a really good trip.

But I am back in your midst now. Jamie and Renee, I am especially sorry to you, for taking off without much of a warning or explanation, leaving explaining to the phone, which is never as good as face to face. But I am safe, and I hope you are both well. We should get together soon, as I am dying to tell you both about everthing.

Oh, and Caitlin (Mam) is visiting again in August and would like to meet you. Eee.

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