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Happy Wednesday Noon!

I have an agent now AND auditions for things already! He said they'll love my hair ;) One is this weekend. I'm terrified! I mean, Hamlet I knew by heart. Not so sure about lalalalabuy this bacon or whatever else. But I am sure I can pull it off. It's all day work so it would be over by rehearsal time in the evenings. Perfect.

I am so happy I may explode.

The agent guy wasn't even creepy or anything, he was really nice! He told me I have to get headshots done and get a resume written up as well as built up. We discussed plans and what I'd like to do and what I haven't done and what I will do lalala. If I would be INTERESTED in doing films or TV spots and the like. I told him I'd be taking University courses in the mornings and he was quite pleased to hear that! I think things are looking awesome.

Now I just need a Renee.

Take a look a your LJ friends list, then list up to ten (10) things you want to say to ten (10) different LJ friends. Do NOT state who these people are. DO NOT confirm nor deny any "comment speculation". You ask, I'll tell. And I'm doing as many as I want anyway, and you can bugger off ;)

1. You're my everything, and I love you more than life itself. Not having you with me is like having only one lung. You are my reason for waking and the only thing I want when I go to sleep. I love you.

2. I owe my life to you and so much more. You're the only person who could have done what you did and you did it without complaint. No one has ever done as much for me and frankly I hope no one ever has to again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even though you totally can't read this.

3. You amaze me everyday. Just the way you treat people amazes me and I adore you for it. You're the brother I never had (those rotten little half ones DO NOT count) and I love you. Never ever change!

4. You are the happiest person I have ever met and it's slightly intimidating at times. But mostly, it's inspiring and it's almost impossible to be around you and be sad. Thank you for being such a lovely wonderful person. And sexy too, of course.

5. You are stronger than you'll ever know and I wish you could see it. Thank you for being there for me on numberous occasions and thank you for letting me be there for you as well.

6. You are so lovely and you don't seem to realise it. You're my sweet kind boy...well one of many...and you're the first friend I made at Regents. Thank you for accepting me so completely. I love you.

7. I miss you and your happy smile and your silly little...everything. I love you too.

8. I don't understand you at all, but I still love you. You've treated me in such a caring way that I can't help but return the favour. Most of the time.

9. You are incredible. You're turned things around in such an amazing way and I respect the hell out of you even though you might not realise it. Keep doing what you're doing, you do an amazing job of it.

10. You're my best friend, and even though I have no idea where I stand with you right now, you'll always be that. Love you.

11. You're so sweet and good and I just can't help hut adore you. Don't worry though, I won't climb you. Unless you ask nicely ;)

12. I just met you, but I already adore you. You're just so....youlike. Come round more often so I can mother you!

13. You have the best hair ever. And you bake like a goddess. And you're so sweet, and adorable!

14. I just met you too and already you're fixing things for me. And I am fascinated by you. See you soon!

15. I don't know you really well but I think you are so beautiful inside and out.

16. I lived with you, but we've grown apart. Come round more often and I'll serve you tea and cake and we can talk.

17. You're gorgeous in every way shape and form and god I wish I was like you. And sometimes I think she does too.

18. I think you're a kick and a half but I wish you saw what was right in front of you.

19. I wish we were closer and I feel so bad for you right now. I'll make an effort to spend more time because I think you're a peach.

20. Don't know you well at all, but you're cute and that makes me happy ;)

EDIT: LOOK Nipple...:|

I did teh drknigin...thing
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