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Wow. Some people read waaaay too much into things. Guilt complex, much?

Peter called me. AUGH it's so weird to not call him Father Peter. *wibble* Anyway, he called me to apologise for being all drunk on the phone. That was sweet of him. He asked me if he didn't anything embarassing and it reminded me of the time he saw ME drunk when I hung off of him like a drooly little Deirdre. And then I went upstairs and was violently ill for hours and hours. But Jude was my hero ;)

You should never drink and pretend to be a pirate. It makes you vomit.

Okay maybe it wasn't the pirateness as much as it was the lots and lots of drink.

Watched Black Books commentary tonight. I love Dylan. The outtakes on Series one are brilliant. Where Dylan just adlibs songs and then says "Ah, the Craic, Jim..." and then giggles. He GIGGLES. And I die from cute. And the little kid he was singing to is like O_O. Poor kid. No no...LUCKY kid.

And the wine episode where Dylan and Bill Bailey adlib entire scenes. Genius.

Dylan Moran is coming on tour here soon. Or somewhere nearby. I MUST get tickets!

I didn't go clubbing tonight.

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