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LJ Interests meme results

  1. bianca:
    Bianca from Taming of the Shrew. Shakespeare. That's all really, I find her hilarious. Mostly because she's utterly ridiculous.
  2. claire:
    Avery's Mum. She's a goddess.
  3. elizabethan england:
    I'm a stickler for the old days!
  4. hamlet:
    Best. Play. Ever.
  5. kidney bean:
    My horsie!! We had to sell him when we moved, but my friend bought him, so I still visit.
  6. modelling:
    I do it sometimes.
  7. paul serafinowicz:
    He's in Shaun of the Dead and Black Books and Spaced and he's hilarious. "FRRAAANNNNNN" "FRANTASTIC" EE!
  8. robson green:
    OMG ROBSON GREEN FOREVER!! *snuggles Wire in the Blood* Want series 4 NOW!
  9. south africa:
    I love it there. I want to move there.
  10. verona:

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I am going to France, and Melissa is going with me!

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