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Had a great talk with Renee this afternoon. She really is extraordinary.

Also, I have NEWS! If Renee is still in the Psychiatric Ward in May, because she's doing so well (NO FUCKING KIDDING) she gets to take leave for her birthday! It's an 8am to 8 pm kinda deal. She says she and I will spend the morning together (sex marathon, anyone?) and then after about 3 or 4 we can head over to Dante's and party hard! Or we could even all come here, it depends on what people what to do. but she said she wants to see everyone! RSVPs? Ideas? Suggestions? Demands? (and no, you cannot film OR guest star in the sex marathon....I know you were thinking it.) I'm so glad she won't have to be in there on her birthday one way or another. Let's hope she gets out before then, though.

I am in such a good mood. Anyone want company?! SLINK! You want me to dress you up now?! *grins evilly*

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