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I am a terrible person. Terrible!

And today started out so well.

I love Melissa. I am IN love with Melissa. And I am in love with Renee.

AUGH shoot me now. Not that it would do any good.

Del mentioned I should pierce my nipple. Renee would love that. She really would. But I am not going to. Why? Because Melissa didn't like it. *bangs head on desk repeatedly* I thought I was over this. I let Renee make the decision so I didn't have to. Which was a pretty low thing to do anyway, really. God I suck.

Melissa said she had a belly button piercing and it turned me on. OH how it turned me on.

And I saw Scarlett's eyes today. She loves Renee. She wants her. I would think I should just let Renee and Scarlett be together but...Renee made her choice, didn't she? She decided. I know she loves Scarlett. But she chose me and there must be a reason. I can't leave her now, no matter how much I want to be with Melissa.

If only she'd never run away...
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