Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher (deirdre_ionuin) wrote,
Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher

I am bored, okay!

Yes or no...
x. You keep a diary: This IS my diary. I gave up my paper journals after I started this.
x. You like to cook: I am Deirdre. Are you kidding? I am a cooking queen.
x. You have a seceret you have not shared with anyone: I have a secret not a LOT of people know...
x. You believe in love: Very much

The weirdest person you know is: Uhm... ???
The loudest person you know: Me *hangs head*
The sexiest person you know: Renee!
The cutest person you know: Avery
Your closest friend: Melissa, Renee, Pierre, Jack, Jake and Avery.
The people that know the most about you: Claire, Father Peter, Jack, Jake, Avery, Renee and Pierre. And Melissa knows the most about my past. I need to bring her up to speed. Heh.

What is..?
Your most overused phrase on IM: I don't use IM
The last image/thought you go to sleep with: I wish Renee was with me.
Inside Joke: It's inSIDE, yo!

Do you...?
Have a(any) crush(es): Renee. Heh.
Want to get married: Maybe maybe not
Get motion sickness: Nope!
Think you're a health freak: No, but I tend to like healthier things more. But it's not a choice!
Get along with your parents: Well, I had a long bondy chat with my Mam today. It was nice.
Liek thunderstorms: Oh yes

SIGN: Scorpio
CURRENT HAIR COLOR: RED! I will never change it EVER.
EYE COLOR: Light blue.
BIRTHPLACE: Dublin, Ireland

COLOR: Red, Green, purple, pink. maybe pink if my favourite and I've been hiding it. :P
DAY: Friday.
MONTH: October. Mine and Jake's birthday!
FOOD: Stir fry!
SEASON: Autumn
DRINK: Strawberry champagne cocktails. As long as I don't have too many.


CRIED? Yes. In my mam's lap
HELPED SOMEONE? I brought Slink lunch.
BOUGHT SOMETHING? Cheap easter eggs for Renee
GOTTEN SICK? I dunno. No?
SAID "I LOVE YOU"? When I saw Renee for all of 5 seconds. And to my mam.
WRITTEN A REAL LETTER? I wrote one to Renee
TALKED TO AN EX? Well...Renee WAS an ex but she's not anymore...

Would you ever~
1. Eat a bug? No...?
2. Bungee jump? Sure, why not.
3. Hang glide? Again...why not?
4. Kill someone? :|
5. Have sex with someone you don't love? Heh....lalalalallaaaa
6. Kiss someone of the same sex? Hell yes
7. Have sex with someone of the same sex? Hell yes!
8. Parachute from a plane? Yep.
9. Walk on hot coals? Okay..?
10. Go out with someone for their looks? Not JUST for their looks...
11. For their reputation? I don't listen to people's reputations.
12. Be a vegetarian? Nah.
13. Wear plaid with stripes? I like to clash :D
14. IM a stranger? Blah
15. Sing Karoke? Oh yes!
16. Get drunk off your ass? Ahem. Father Peter thanks me for not.
17. Shoplift? No.
18. Run a red light? I don't drive
19. Star in a porn video? Okay!
20. Dye your hair blue? NO! NONONONONONONOOOOOO
21. Be on Survivor? No. But I'd win.
22. Wear makeup in public? ...okay?
23. NOT wear makeup in public? Sure!
24. Cheat on a test? No
25. Make someone cry? Not on purpose :(
26. Call your math teacher a motherfucker? Hee heee
27. Kick a baby? No
28. Date someone more than ten years older than you? *says nothing*
29. Cuss out a priest? I kicked Father Peter!
30. Take a job as a janitor? I would kick ARSE at janitor!
31. Wear a tho-tho-tho-tho-thong? No. I'd go bare ass nekkid though.
32. Stay up all through the night? If I must
33. Drink straight espresso? Nooooo. MILK PLEASE!

What is your favorite word? Love

What is your least favorite word? Cu**

What turns you on? Renee. And bondage. And women. And men. And Renee. Shut up, my girlfriend is all elsewhere and I am horny.

What turns you off? Meanieheads.

What sound do you love? In the morning, Renee likes to lean over me and say, "Good morning, Gorgeous." I love that. Or, when I wake up before her. As I usually do, she makes beautiful sleep noises. I miss them.

What sound do you hate? My father. Doing ANYthing.

What is your favorite curse word? Feck! And I like saying 'hole'. It's very Irish.

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? Modelling, uhm....something. I don't know. What am I good at?

What profession would you not like to participate in? Gardener. I don't like dirt.

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? It doesn't End of story. But if it DID exsist, I think I'd like to hear him say, "Oh crap, I have macaroni on my face!" Because that is hilarious.

Three things that scare me:
[1] Daddy Dearest
[2] That Renee will be locked away for a long time
[3] Me

Three people that make me laugh:
[1] Pierre
[2] Melissa
[3] Jack

Three things I love:
[1] Renee
[2] Melissa
[3] My pets

Three things I hate:
[1] Psychiatric Wards
[2] My father
[3] Genetics

Three things I don't understand:
[1] Me
[2] Renee's Parents
[3] How people can like "The Gladiator"

Three things on my desk:
[1] Laptop
[2] Chaucer. My HUGE siamese
[3] A letter from Renee when we first went out.

Three things I'm doing right now:
[1] This survey
[2] Singing "Hallelujah"
[3] Missing Renee

Three facts about me
[1] I am insane
[2] I miss my Boys
[3] I think I am attractive

Three things I want to do before I die:
[1] I won't die
[2] so
[3] there

Three things I can do:
[1] Sing
[2] Speak 3 languages
[3] Cook (I am also very good in bed....)

Three things I can't do:
[1] Drive
[2] be normal
[3] Maths

Three things I don't think you should listen to, ever:
[1] Liam Gallagher
[2] George Bush
[3] Justin Timberlake (tee heee!!!)

Three things I say the most:
[1] Fizzlesticks
[2] Frick
[3] Yo

Four things you would eat on the last day of your life:
[1] Thai red beef stir fry
[2] Chocolate Cake
[3] Uhm....?
[4] Renee

Four artists you'll never get tired of:
[1] Wagner
[2] Nightwish (good BYE Tarja)
[3] Enya
[4] Lacuna Coil

Four things you'd like to learn:
[1] Japanese
[2] Greek
[3] About Me
[4] Stuff

Four beverages you drink frequently:
[1] Tea
[2] Latte
[3] Water
[4] More water

Four tv shows you watch:
[2] Black Books
[3] How Do You Want Me?
[4] Buffy

Four places to go in your city:
[1] Dante's
[2] The Black Cat/Le Chat Nero
[3] The small independent movie house on Regents Street
[4] Regents Park

Four things to do when you're bored:
[1] Surveys
[2] Write letters
[3] Read
[4] Cook
[a] - age: 17
[b] - best quality: Friendly
[c] - choice of meat: Beef
[d] - dream date: Renee and roses and my restraints and my four poster bed
[e] - exciting adventure: Anything in Vienna. Or Paris!
[f] - favorite food: Stir Fry
[g] - greatest accomplishment: Controlling myself
[h] - happiest day of your life: God..uh...finding out Renee was going to be okay.
[i] - interests: Lost of things
[k] - kool-aid: What?
[l] - love: Renee
[m] - most valued: Most valued WHAT!?
[n] - name: Deirdre
[o] - outfit you love: Anything
[p] - pizza toppings: Meat!
[q] - question asked to you the most: Who are you and why are you crazy?
[r] - radio station: None
[s] - sport: bleh
[t] - television show: WIRE IN THE BLOOD
[u] - your favourite song: Wish I had an Angel
[v] - video clip: uh..?
[w] - winter: Chaucer
[x] - xylophone: O...kay?
[y] - year born: 1988
[z] - zodiac sign: Scorpio

F1. what color is the cd in your cd player? It's an MP3 player. Catch up, survey writer!
F2. do you think your a good singer? I do. And I am ;)
F3. have you ever come up to someone to tell them how ugly they are? No...
F4. do you like to write with pencils? No
F5. have you ever seen your poop hole in the mirror? ...No!
F6. do you like paying taxes? I don't.

F1. why is the snow white? Because it is
F2. why do you like sleeping? Because we must.
F3. why do you like music? It appeals to many
F4. why are we being controlled by the government? Because we let ourselves be
F5. why cant we trespass? It's rude
F6. why are stars so cool? Cause who knew gas could be so damn pretty
F7. why do holidays confuse you? They don't.
F8. why do all real gay guys talk weird? THEY DON'T! Fuck off.

F1. what did you wear one min ago? Nothing!
F2. what were you listening to 5 mins ago? nothing...
F3. what were you craving one hour ago? Renee. And I still am.
f4. what were you looking at one day ago? Rhiannon and Ceridwen fighting in a puppy fashion
f5. what did you say 6 days ago? I don't know.
f6. what way were you facing 3 years ago? Uhm...I was 14 so...not much.
f7. did your daddy do you one for the money 13 years ago? ....
F8. did you like bugs bunny in 1991? I guess.

F1. do you like music? yes. These questions are dumb and yet I continue to answer from boredom
F2. does music like you? Yes.
F3. is your favorite artist called sammy hagar? no.
F4. does your favorite song make you wanna strip for biker men? Sure!!! Except no.
F5. do you go to concerts dressed up in glitter? HAHA No
F6. do you like glam rock? David Bowwwiieeee
F7. does heavy metal ring a beer? ..?
F8. can you play guitar like whoa? Pierre can!
F9. do you have your one way ticket to midnight? It's round trip


F1. can you say sex? Yes. Sex sex sex.
F2. are vaginas pretty? Not...really...
F3. are penises pretty? Ew. No
F4. do you look like a penis? A red headed one? No.
F5. did you ever tell some one they look like a penis? *snort* I'll remember to tell my father he does.
F6. are you gay? I am bi
F7. if so do you have that funny voice too? I have A funny voice...but that is just genetics and my Irish accent.
F8. do gay people turn you on? ....I am turned on by who I am turned on by. End of story.
F9. do you always deny that you are gay? No
F10. are you a virgin? No
F11. do you wanna die a virgin? I will not DIE
F12. do you regret having sex? Heh...
F13. are you still not over the person who took away your virginity? I was over him the second IT was over

[ current clothes ] NOTHING
[ current mood ] A tangle of joy and grief
[ current music ] Lacuna Coil
[ current taste ] ?
[ current make-up ] Nothing
[ current hair ] Out!
[ current annoyance ] Being away from Renee
[ current smell ] Roses
[ current thing i ought to be doing ] Studying I guess
[ current desktop picture ]Renee sticking her tounge out at me. Mmm.
[ current favorite group] Nightwish
[ current book you're reading] It's a sekrit.
[ current cd in cd player] :P
[ current movie in vcr] VCR?!
[ current color of toenails ] Purple
[ current refreshment ] Tea! Orange Pekoe
[ current worry ] Renee :(

last person.
[ you touched ] My Mam
[ you talked to ] My mam
[ you hugged ] Mam
[ you instant messaged ] No one
[ you yelled at ] Mam
[ you kissed ] Renee

are you.
[ understanding ] Mostly
[ open-minded ] Yes
[ arrogant ] Only if I know I am right and someone else is being stupid.
[ insecure ] Not overly so
[ interesting ] I would like to think so ;)
[ random ] Garden Gnomes are TAKING OVER
[ hungry] No
[ friendly ] Yes
[ smart ] I guess
[ moody ] Heh
[ childish ] I'm only 17!
[ independent ] Indeed
[ hard working ] Yeah
[ organized ] Yep
[ healthy ] I guess
[ emotionally stable ] lalallaaaa
[ shy ] not anymore!
[ difficult ] Oh yes
[ attractive ] :)
[ bored easily ] Kinda
[ messy ] NO!
[ thirsty ] I have my tea
[ responsible ] Yes
[ obsessed ] Am I?
[ angry ] No
[ sad ] Yes
[ happy ] That too
[ hyper ] Not today
[ trusting ] I think so, yes
[ talkative ] HAH. Yes
[ legal ] Not to drink. But I do anyway.
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