Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher (deirdre_ionuin) wrote,
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I went back to see Renee, but Scarlett was with her. No way in hell am I interrupting them. So I came home for a bit to get some clothes and a few things. I'm staying at the hospital overnight. Renee doesn't want to be alone. Boy do I understand that.

I fed my dogs and cats. The cats are beginning to suspect that I am ignoring them so they're punishing me by running in the opposite direction whenever they see me. Cats'll do that.

Also...I just remembered that my mother is visiting. I was supposed to be in CAPE TOWN when my mother visited, convienently missing it. But NO. I am here. And my mother will be here. Oh please god, save me.

I love my Mam, but...she's going to tell lesbian stories again! *hides* I should call her and explain that I'm here. Tell her about Renee. She adores Renee. I imagine she'll bring some form of present. Like a small HOUSE or something. And she'll give me a pack of tictacs.

Thus is the way of Caitlin O'Connor.
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