Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher (deirdre_ionuin) wrote,
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"Amoung the proud, knowledge leads to dissent and quarrels, but with charity, knowledge brings peace." -St. Thomas Aquinas~Summa Theologie

I am thinking of tattooing that on my eyeballs. Just so I never forget. I think some other people could use an retinal tattoo of it as well ;)

I got two piercings today, as a very special gift to someone. Guess where they are!?

I bet you anything, you'll all guess wrong!

Going home tomorrow. I want to come to South Africa again soon. I love it here. But in London I can see my Renee again. And I'll read to her. Pierre agreed to bring me her book. I can't wait to see her, even if she won't see me. I want her to wake up soon :( There, I have no distractions from the wait like I do here.

My Boys are so incredibly amazing. I adore them, and I will forever.
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