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Oh, Thank Fuck

Emilie just called me. Renee is going to be okay, you guys. She's going to be okay.

She's all finished with surgery but she is going to be asleep for several days, most likely. Emilie told me that I should tell you that in about....*checks watch* Okay...15 minutes, she should be moved to recovery and she can have visitors. I'd ask (because it seems right) that you give her parents time alone with Renee first, but after that, they've asked that her friends go visit her. Just because she's not awake, doesn't mean you can't see her.

Can I ask you guys a favour? My plane ticket isn't until Friday. That means I can't be there for her until then. When I was in hospital, Renee didn't leave me alone. Please...don't leave her alone? Can you make sure there's always someone with her, in case she wakes up? I can't stand the thought of her waking up alone in there. I probably didn't need to ask this, but just in case. Bring her flowers, talk to her, tell her you love her, tell her I love her, tell her she's not alone. She needs to know that.

You are the most amazing people.

Now I am off to text all this information to you just in case you don't read this.

And I'll see you all on Friday. I love you.
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