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Ryan. I am sorry for some of the things that I said to you. I really am. Of course you mean something to Renee.

But you have to understand that your complete and utter inability to understand what anyone else feels, an inability which you repeatedly demonstrate, is going to lead to outbursts like that. I do not feel that giving people relevant information is 'gossping'. Either way, I have contacted Renee's parents and they said that they wanted her friends to know. WANTED. That was WHY they tried to contact me...ME in the first place. You can't do things like what you did. It's wrong. Though I think you are beginning to understand that.

I am very sorry for the way my friends reacted, but you can't attack me without that happening. It's inevitable. So, instead of attacking me, try to understand how I feel. In turn, you can tell me how YOU feel. This is called friendship. Something I keep TRYING to have with you, and for some reason, you keep turning it down.

Renee told me she loved me. We were going to get back together, and she told me she loved me and then this happens. Can you even imagine what I am going through right now? DO you really think that Renee would WANT the woman she loves openly attacked by someone she calls her friend? No. Please don't do it again. If you don't attack me, I won't get defensive and neither will the people that love me.

Both Remy and Emilie have told me they will be giving all further updates to me or Pierre and we can give her friends the information. ALL of the information. So this shit doesn't happen again. It shouldn't have happened in the first place.

I don't want to fight anymore. Renee wouldn't want it.

I know you don't talk about feelings, Ry. But you could try. Now would be a good time. Say whatever you feel. I will listen. And I'll try to help.


Remember this, Deirdre. Don't forget this. You reach out, you get nothing.

But I can't stop trying.

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