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Going away party was fan-fucking-tastic! I sang a lot of songs. And I sounded good, which is always a plus. It's nice to sing in public and not be shit scared.

I saw several people SNOGGING, but I shan't say anything else!......You know who you are!

Now I am sitting in Renee's lap, updating this. She said she wanted to spend time with me alone before I left her allll alone. Ya know..with everyone else. ;) We are about to make a cake for Ry, because he is quite high! And I might make a few things to stick in the fridge for my lovely housemates!

Renee is reading over my shoulder. She is telling me to write that she is looking 'absolutely delectible' tonight and don't you wish you all were here!?'

Now I should get off her, because really, she's quite small.


She hit me.

But then she squealed, so it was quite worth it. :D

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