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Just NO!

Hermione Norris is no longer going to be on Wire in the Blood!! FRICK!!! They're writing Carol Jordan out of the 4th series!! That SUCKS because Dr. Tony Hill just had the tumor, and they might have been in LOVE!

This is like when David Duchovny left X-Files and that creepy weirdheaded guy was Scully's parnter. He was no Fox!

Hermione Norris WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!?

At least there is going to BE a 4th series, but the woman is seriously unfortunate looking. (Okay she's not THAT bad, I am just bitter) Goddammit. No more Black Books and now THIS.

This post confirms that I am a loser who lives by the Television.

EDIT: So, to console myself, I totally ordered Dylan Moran: Live (Monster) from It was FIVE POUNDS. Bloody Brilliant. I can't wait for it to arrive. And I MUST see Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story. And I should buy Shaun of the Dead! Yes....a Dylan Moran fest will solve ANY anger I have at the BBC ;) Because it brought me to him *happy sighs*

Tony Hill/Carol Jordan OTP Dammit!

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