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I have puppies!! Oh gosh, they're....everywhere. It feels like I have 12 dogs in my room right now. Of course, there are 2 dogs and 2 cats and they're getting used to each other. The puppies keep running on top of each other and falling over and I can't stop cackling with glee.

I named the Tan and White one Rhiannon (Thanks, Jack!) and the black and white one is Ceridwen. They will be known as Rhia and Ceri, I bet you anything.

They are so fun! I took them on a walk and they loved it. Of course I have to work on training, as they seem to enjoy pulling. Good thing they're tiny!

Saw Owen. 'Twas good. Thank you for my puppies!

I think I'm meeting up with Father Peter tomorrow. He seemed to have something he wanted to tell me. Might go shopping with Slink for stuff her room needs someday soon too.

I am almost out of my gourmet coffee beans. If you see me and I look like hell, that means my supply is gone, and I am in caffeine withdrawl.

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