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I was replying to a thread Misty had on her journal. She said I would make a woman a nice life-parnter some day. Becuase I am pretty AND I can cook.

How sexist is that?! I like the girl, but JESUS who raised her?

I replied back, saying I would make someone a good WIFE. Because I refuse to be grouped away from all those straight couples who get to call their loved ones "husband" or "wife". I will marry a woman someday. She will be my WIFE. And I will be hers.

And she gives me this lecture on how love is love and it doesn't matter what it's labelled as. I wasn't talking labels, MISTY. I know love is love! I am a LESBIAN! You are STRAIGHT. I spent today at a gay rights rally!!! I think people should be able to call their loved one whatever they want, I just refuse to be grouped into a "can't marry" catergory. It pisses me off.

The thing that scares me is that she thinks she is forward thinking. If THAT is forward thinking, no WONDER we still need rallies to get anyone's attention.

I am just being petty. I DO like Misty, a lot. But I hate being preached at when it's others that need the preaching.

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