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Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher

Right. I did this again. Why? because I was a bitch the first time, and a lot has changed. Yes, in 24 hours. DON'T READ THE OLD ONE!!!!

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Take the quiz.
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1) What is ten_cent_gin's biggest flaw? Uhm, being TOO adorable? NAH ;)
2) Would you wrestle slinkster_ghoul in jello? She'd kick my arse!
3) What comic book character would withoutapast be? I..don't know.
4) Has either_you_fade been to your house/dorm? He was my housemate for a while and he visited a few weeks back. Heh.
5) If ten_cent_gin commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? I WOULD!
6) Are no_wuh and ten_cent_gin going steady? No...
7) Thoughts on end_of_fraud? SOCUTE
8) Would you make out with epithet_? I highly doubt I'd be allowed to even if I wanted to.
9) Is either_you_fade a nerd? No
10) Which president would thecurveof be likely to idolize? None of them?
11) Is imogenary single? I think so
12) Do you think withoutapast is hot? Hell yes
13) Would you set up no_wuh and mistyprincess? NO!
14) Does scarlettvoices drink? I think she does, yes ;)
15) Have you flirted with scarlettvoices? I would, she hot!
16) If either_you_fade was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? People have been saying Pilot because that would be so cute
17) Are todayistuesday and thecurveof going out? No. Jack is with Avery and Jake!
18) How tall is either_you_fade? Taaaall!
19) How many monkeys could either_you_fade fight at once and win against? Oh, lots. But he likes animals so I think they'd leave him alone.
20) Is imogenary athletic? ?
21) What animal should todayistuesday be combined with? A...kitty?
22) What planet should scarlettvoices be from? Dude, Planet Lesbian yet again.
23) Is eligible_boy 1337? Sure?
24) When did you last call to_think_so? I haven't, but he's coming to visit!
25) Would jamieskyler go out with epithet_? *CHOKES* God no...NO!
26) What flavor of jello would firehaunted be? Traffic Signal Flavoured :)
27) What would todayistuesday do differently in your shoes? I have no idea
28) todayistuesday's eye color? Prettyness.
29) Is firehaunted an emo? No
30) What would eligible_boy give thecurveof for his/her birthday? A...thing...I dunno.
31) Where did you first meet epithet_? When he moved in.
32) Where would end_of_fraud most like to visit? I dunno.
33) What is eligible_boy's favorite food? PIZZA
34) What would eligible_boy think of to_think_so? I think Pierre would like Jake a lot!
35) How would imogenary conquer the world? With sweetness and prettiness!
36) If to_think_so took over the world, who would suffer? No one...
37) Where was a_certain_brat born? Uhm...I think he said INDIA...
38) Could you see seminalsemiotic and todayistuesday together? ..Actually yeah, except that I don't think Tuesday swings that way.
39) Is hynodacymreig friends with little_dickon? I HOPE NOT!!! I'd kill him FOR you Jack. Though I doubt I'd need to.
40) Does scarlettvoices travel a lot? I don't know!
41) Is little_dickon related to you? No , she's related to Jack :)
42) What languages does mistyprincess speak? American.
43) Does seminalsemiotic have a dog? No, but she likes German Shepherds
44) Would no_wuh be a better ninja or pirate? Pirate!
45) What animal does slinkster_ghoul remind you of? A wolf? A pretty one!
46) If to_think_so had a superpower, what would it be? Uhm...sexiness.
47) Does no_wuh have a big secret? I wouldn't know, it's a SECERET!
48) What would you do if thecurveof died? Be very very very very sad!!!
49) Does juniper_berries go to your school? No.
50) What exotic animal would mistyprincess like as a pet? Passsss
51) Does withoutapast do drugs? I don't THINK so
52) Do you have either_you_fade's screenname? YES! Bloody Hell
53) Would you ever date seminalsemiotic? Well..YES now that you mention it. *Sigh*
54) Did eligible_boy break up with you? No. He's Pierre. I'd hit that. He's KIND of a woman.
55) What do you agree with to_think_so about? Lots of things :)
56) Which of your friends should juniper_berries go out with? *sighs*
57) How would slinkster_ghoul kill imogenary? She wouldn't!
58) Have you ever dated withoutapast? No.
59) Does epithet_ know eligible_boy? Only a little, I believe
60) What video game does firehaunted remind you of? None
61) What would you do if you found out hynodacymreig has a crush on you? Die of disbelief. I think he only has a crush on himself.
62) Does epithet_ have a crush on juniper_berries? I doubt it.
63) Would no_wuh and withoutapast make a good couple? I dunno.
64) Is mistyprincess in a relationship? No.
65) What mental disorder does mistyprincess remind you of? PASS!
66) Is inyourjeans your best friend? No. He's Alex's Boy!
67) What is thecurveof's favorite color? Black?
68) If either_you_fade and thecurveof were siamese twins, where would they be joined? Oh dear!
69) If inyourjeans were hanging off a cliff, what would seminalsemiotic do? That is a hard question.
70) Is firehaunted a college student? No
71) Is no_wuh a high school student? Yes
72) How long have you known firehaunted? A few months
73) What do you disagree with firehaunted about? *cough*
74) Where was little_dickon born? Wales? NOT WHALES.
75) One quality you find attractive in ten_cent_gin? His Pilotness :D
76) Has epithet_ dyed their hair? No?
77) What is eligible_boy's favorite movie? *cries*
78) What color should seminalsemiotic dye their hair? NOTHING. It's beautiful the way it is!
79) How long would little_dickon dating inyourjeans last? .5 seconds before Jack beat him up and stole his jeans
80) What song/movie would you recommend to to_think_so? I dunno
81) epithet_'s hair color? Brownish
82) Do to_think_so and epithet_ go to the same school? no
83) If either_you_fade took over the world, who would be happy? Me :D And pilot of course. And dogs!
84) What is to_think_so's shoe size? I DON'T KNOW
85) If epithet_ and hynodacymreig were spliced together, what would be its name? Ew...
86) What is mistyprincess allergic to? Uhm...I am going to erase what I originally said and say PASS.
87) What rank would inyourjeans have in a giant robot army? LASER gun :D
88) One thing you can't stand about to_think_so? Nothing
89) Is firehaunted introverted or extroverted? Introverted
90) Is eligible_boy related to ten_cent_gin? No
91) Do you have a crush on inyourjeans? No
92) Would firehaunted and epithet_ look good together? They'd LOOK good together, sure...
93) Does ten_cent_gin smoke? No?
94) If end_of_fraud and inyourjeans were spliced together, what would it be like? SOveryhot ;)
95) What is slinkster_ghoul's favorite game? I dunno
96) What is firehaunted's favorite band/artist? I DUNNO
97) Is to_think_so popular? Sure?
98) Is inyourjeans dead sexy? In his jeans he is.
99) Are juniper_berries and no_wuh married? NO
100) What word best describes scarlettvoices? Effervescent
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