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Here I am, on the Bandwagon!

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1) Would you set up a_certain_brat and no_wuh? Avery has two lovely Boys
2) What color should mistyprincess dye their hair? Oooh, uhm...blonde?
3) What is thecurveof's favorite food? Hee hee...*cough*
4) Would todayistuesday and seminalsemiotic look good together? that's not...*sigh* Uhm, Tuesday is straight, I think
5) Is end_of_fraud a nerd? Not that I know of!
6) If end_of_fraud were hanging off a cliff, what would seminalsemiotic do? At this point? Probably push him. She's being a bitch.
7) Would you wrestle either_you_fade in jello? Oh HELLS yes! But in a platonic 'I respect his relationship' sort of way :)
8) Have you ever dated eligible_boy? Ew. No.
9) Is mistyprincess your best friend? No. Jamie is.
10) What comic book character would epithet_ be? Hee hee, PoetMan!
11) Is ten_cent_gin related to epithet_? No.
12) Is seminalsemiotic an emo? Yes. And a...anyway...
13) Would seminalsemiotic go out with mistyprincess? *CHOKES ON LATTE*. No. No she wouldn't.
14) What is hynodacymreig's favorite movie? I don't give a vermin's posterior
15) What is firehaunted's favorite color? Uhm...Jude? What's your favourite colour?
16) Does hynodacymreig smoke? I think so.
17) If thecurveof and withoutapast were spliced together, what would it be like? ..A weird incredibly adorable person!
18) Do you have a crush on thecurveof? He is VERY hot, but gay and then so am I.
19) mistyprincess's eye color?
20) Have you flirted with thecurveof? Yes, but in a friend way. He is Jake's and Avery's!
21) What video game does ten_cent_gin remind you of? A fun silly loveable one?
22) Where would slinkster_ghoul most like to visit? I have no idea...
23) Are end_of_fraud and thecurveof going steady? No.
24) What would todayistuesday do differently in your shoes? She'd probably do everything better.
25) If withoutapast commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Me!
26) What is thecurveof's favorite game? HEE HEEE! Oh boy.
27) What do you agree with seminalsemiotic about? NOTHING. Ugh.
28) What flavor of jello would no_wuh be? Uhm...lime
29) How would ten_cent_gin conquer the world? By being adorable
30) Would seminalsemiotic be a better ninja or pirate? A wench.
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