Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher (deirdre_ionuin) wrote,
Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher

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So there was no problem with school apparently. They said they were worried about my attendance, but my performance has always been high, so they're willing to overlook everything as long as I keep the grades that I have currently. I have to make up a few quizzes, but nothing major.

Today was an ok day. Except that there was no drowning of sorrows at Dante's. Where is everybody? I hope you are all busy doing fantastic things. Or people. People are allowed too.

I wrote a letter to someone I met in Vienna today. I hope he writes back soon. I really enjoyed his company for the short time I had it. Something about him made me

Well, I guess I have quiz studying to do.

Auf weiderschreiben.

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