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I walked around school for the past few days with the biggest grin on my face. I haven't had time to update though. I didn't study this weekend because I had too much going on, so I've spent the last few days curled up in my room doing just that. The kitten keeps trying to sleep on my books. It's annoying. I still haven't named him!

But yes. I am happy. Very happy.

And in a few days I am taking Jamie to the poetry reading night at Black Cat Cafe. That should be wonderful. He's very good company. I hope it doesn't bore him!

My father apologised for yelling at me. He apologised. He's never done that to anyone. And he said he bought me a present. I'm a bit afraid. And I feel a little guilty for...doing vindictive things. But only a little. And they were lovely anyway.

I almost don't know what to say. Everything has been going so well!

I took a study break to watch "Wire in the Blood" a few nights ago. I love that show! Robson Green is a genius! I like when I figure out what it going on before they do. Which I did last week when it was the episode "Nothing but the Night". They're rerunning the latest episode on May 2nd, at 9. I missed that one, so I'm excited. The preview looked scary! And as always I have been amusing myself with reruns of "Black Books" That show makes me laugh so hard it hurts.


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