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Hello from the road! Tomorrow we are going to ROCK Japan!!! I'll tell you what, rockstars, it is amazing here. We're going for a wander later today and then tomorrow there's an instore at the Virgin Megastore so BE THERE and we'll have a chat and sign your merch!

Meet my brother Jason! He's the giggly one. The confuse lad is our roadie, Nate. They're laughing at Timothy's lame jokes ;)

When the flight got too much for Jason, I -like the devious little sister I am- took a sleeping picture of him. MUAHHAHAHAH!

And then he took this one of me. I am so well-behaved, yo!

Jason did NOT take this picture. That was Flynn, being overly indulgent!

Speaking of Flynn, here he is, all sad he had to leave his new husband behind. TELL HIM CONGRATS ON THE WEDDING!

And this is just my friend Peter Kemp. He's on the album and he gets a kick out of it when I post his pictures on here :D
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