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To Those in the Know


January - I went to see my Dad alone. For the first time in like ever. And I forgave him. For a lot of reasons, but the main one being he's so different now. And we had a really good time and I was there for like SIX HOURS. That was awesome. I'm glad I had that.

February - I'm not doing the meme thing. My dad's gone. He's probably evil again.

So you know. Look out.
Yeah, he wasn't evil. Whoops. And what a change from the previous month...

March - I just met my little cousin, Parker. He's awesome and eight. And hey, Jinxy. I have an Aunt May and her son's name is Parker and I thought you'd like that... Too bad it's not Peter, eh? I love Parker! He's so funny. And American.

April - Hey, Rockstars!! After wonderful recording session with my darling in_spectre_mors another friend of mine and I decided to get away from dreary old England for a few days! Where to, you say? Why...dreary new New York! My touring posts are epic....

May - Hahaha!! Okay, Flynn and Quinn came over and Flynn just got so drunk he went all...incredibly Irish on me. Not that he's usually not Irish. But oh my god you should hear it!! His accent! The words that are coming out my my calm Flynny's mouth!! Quinn says this is how he talked back in Whitehead when he was a teenage thug. But it's awesome. I can't understand a word of it! Except every once in a while he says "me fither" which I'm pretty sure means his father... And he keeps calling me 'Swee'hear'' Which is a dramatic underusing of t's! The first few were too personal or only for certain people, so here. Drunken Flynny.

June - On 7 June the BNP won the first of two seats in the European Parliament, when Andrew Brons was elected in the Yorkshire and Humber area by 10% of the vote. Nick Griffin was then elected for the North West region. Griffin stated that it was "a great victory... we go on from here." Meanwhile, the Labour and Conservative parties both referred to it as a "sad moment".

Well shit. Apparently electing racist fuckwits is awesome?

July - Okay, so... Flynn and I were out and about and we got jumped by these arseholes. Or Flynn did. I think they were trying to separate us. Flynn was doing just fine because he's Flynn, but I flipped out and moved to protect him and I sort of...had a wingpop. And the fuckers ran away but fuck, they saw it. I forgot about that...

August - Aaaaaaahhhhh bad.

I'm still bummed about the Moscow show, but holding my head high and moving on...
(Shhhh, we no longer speak it's name...)

September - I dunno...I figure it takes a pretty tough guy to admit Efron-love.

Long live A Very Potter Musical!!

October - Right. Time to be practical and things. Tomorrow EF is off touring with PT, and then I'm leaving for the US with Spectre, so there's things I have to take care of now.

November - It's starting to get harder to sing every night for hours. I think my lungs are getting crowded out by children. It's a good thing I'm crazy loud. AND I got good news yesterday so nothing can get me down today :D

December - My room is clean. So I can go home now. I'll go tomorrow. Last night I was in bed with Peter and Flynn, and I think they were both spooning me... Which is quite strange, I'll have you know. Strange and AWESOME.
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