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Hi, Rockstars! We're in Albany, NY today and oh my GOD it's cold. Still, Flynny is in a rather incredible mood because we have a friend from London visiting! Serenity and Timothy have been mocking me in all my pregnantness, proving who can drink more, and we get our lovely Mummy with us for a few more days. She's staying until Halloween!

My birthday is on October 29th, which is our NYC show! I'll be twenty-one, legally allowed to drink in the US of A, and still unable to imbibe! Thus is the wages of pregnancy. It's not going to stop us partying though! Costume parties beckon and you Just KNOW we'll go all out. After the gig, of COURSE. Hope to see you there!

It's our Tristan! Frontman of the amazing Outdance the Devil, and a dear friend.

Trust me, he's kissing the thingy, not the lady. Not that she's not lovely!

This is Flynn ALL DAY TODAY, proof he can indeed grin. And look a little manic while doing so...

My bestest friend, backstage in Boston!

I love this one because he looks like he's kissing the mic. THAT'S A LOT OF KISSING, SPECTREFACE!

HAHHA! Yeah...he didn't know I was taking a photo. As it goes with MOST of the photos I take of the boys. And yes, they are usually giving me this look.

Serenity proves she is multi-talented in Florida. And yes, that'd be Timothy in the reflection.

Awwwwww ♥

Serenity has a logical suggestion for hatas.

Rules for posting photos while pregnant. Wear loose-fitting clothes (even while dancing in grapes) and then lie about when the photos was taken... :D

And then post photos of your earlier exploits which have nothing to do with the tour, and pass them off as recent. Incidentally, this is from my theatre and yes, I am a knob.
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