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It's been two years since the fire at Digital Anachronism studios. Seems like forever ago. Only two years.

I'm feeling blue, rock stars. I did want to say thank you so much to those of you who sent me messages of love and kindness and sympathy. Losing Kait has been the worst thing I have ever gone through. But you have all been so wonderful. The amount of love we, as a band, receive from all of you, is nothing short of extraordinary. To those of you who hang around afterwards to hug and shake hands and talk...thank you too. You're what is keeping me going right now. You and these people.

Please welcome Serenity! She's a foxy lady and she knows how to work it.

That's our girl!

Timothy being arty.

Timothy being creepy... I most certainly did NOT lock him on my balcony and then do a 'I'm not letting you in hahaha' dance while he watched through the sliding glass doors and then take pictures of it. Honestly.

Spectre, checking out the goods

And pronouncing them good!

Look, I'm somewhat a little bit pregnant! This picture is not current. WOW not even a little bit.

This one, however, is. YOU CAN'T SEE MY BELLY!

My Flynny, without whom I don't know how I would get through the day. Here he is pouting because I was taking pictures and not resting. He is such a mother hen!

Come on, People, is he not the yummiest?!
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