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Friends Only

Right. Time to be practical and things. Tomorrow EF is off touring with PT, and then I'm leaving for the US with Spectre, so there's things I have to take care of now.

Kait left everything to me. Everything. Which means the Sommersby estate is now mine. I'm not planning to mess with it, but Amanda left to go back to Ireland which means...pretty much poor Gordon lives there alone. If anyone wants in, there's like...four freaking empty bedrooms in the thing. A pool, a garage...yeah. Have at it. Let me know.

Uhm...there's also the motorcade. Yeah, Mr Simeon collected cars. And there's like...thirty. The vintage taxi is MINE MINE MINE MINE and I want the red Bentley too, but the rest of them...look, if you want one...whatever. There's rolls royces and...other...things. I show shit all about cars. They have been sitting for a few years now though. Since he died. So...Del? Want a job? Making sure the cars still run'd be good. And hey, you can have one of them too.

Anyway. I'm not hiding any more, so...that was kind of right in time.
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