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I WAS taking a nap, but these Italian students were screaming up and down the halls, so I woke up. Thank goodness I got a single room, so at least I'll have some sort of peace at night.

I keep having a dream that I go to the monastery at Melk. SO I guess I'll go tomorrow. It's not the IDEAL weather for a damn river cruise (snow!) but there has to be a reason I keep dreaming about it. Even if it's just, 'go here, 'tis pretty!'. Which is really is. I've never seen it in the winter. Should be interesting. Less tourists, more monks. Actually I have no idea whether it still HAS monks.

Are there still monks?! I am so not Catholic.

Either way, there IS a cathedral up there that still has mass for the town. It's huge. Though you aren't supposed to stand there and chat. When I was there with the students from Eltham, this guy came over to us and said, "Excuse me, can I get you a coffee?" and I backed off, but one of the other girls didn't get it and she said, "oh no thanks, we already had one." The rude guy then said, "Well, since this is a CHURCH and not a cafe, maybe you'd like to go down THERE for your chat and coffee." Apparently he didn't like English tourists. We WERE chatting about the history of the monastary. Oh well. This time I will be super quiet.

I can't describe how much better I feel here. Though I assume it's coming through in my writing. There's this buzz that Vienna has. It has an almost magical quality. Sure most of the outsides of the buldings are grey and kind of boring, but They are some of the most beautiful buildings ever. Even the stupid hostel has lovely paintings all over it from the new artists movement. It even has a Hundertwasser! If I could live here in Hundertwasserhaus, I think I could die happy.

There's something about the Austrian people too. So laid back. So...reserved as well. I love it. I want to be an Austrian!

I was reading in the newspaper though, in America, they released a Princess Diana doll that says, "Princess of Whales" instead of "Princess of Wales". Ugh. Apparently it's a fault that they're correcting with the next batch but they aren't taking the other ones off the shelf. That doll is going to be worth SO much. Guarenteed collector's item. I love the way Austrian Newspapers make fun of Americans making silly mistakes. Princess of Whales, my Irish Arse.

Uhm...anyway, I think I have a chance at fixing whatever the hell is wrong with me here. I feel normal again. Like there's hope. I haven't felt this way since...for a while. I hope that going to Melk helps too.

I really really fear going home. I do.
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