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Harker's Journey #2

Ich bin ein Berliner! AHHAHAHAHA okay it's cliche, but whatever. Ich liebe Berlin! The show is soon and of course I'm frigging around on my iPhone because I can't help move anything because I'm pregnant. Oh yes. For it is truth.


My girlfriend Kaitie is here with us and it's been a blast! Highlights so far include Spectre's tribute to Michael Jackson where the band joined with the guitarist from Stockholm Syndrome to play Jackson's Beat It. It was incredible, and I hope you caught it! If not, head on over to in_spectre_mors or check it on YouTube.

We're having our fun, as always. So far no knickers have been stolen. I'll keep you posted, Rockstars.

That's my Kaitie! She's mine!

She looks like she's hatching a plot, doesn't she?

Look, the old adage about pregnant ladies glowing is true!! Okay, it's Spectre's glitter...

*snort* The adage about pregnant ladies being hormonal is ALSO true...

My mam took this before we left and she sent me the digital files. I LOVE it.

I found this on my iPhone and I laughed SO HARD! Flynn, YOUR FACE IS INEXPLICABLE!

And what in the FUCK is that lady doing to you (LOL false mustache...) Actually, you look like you're wondering the same thing.

Ah, there's one which is much more Flynn-like. I love this hat!

He is SO cool...

Signings!! I gave away my setlist to this adorable girl yesterday! She was sixteen and SO CUTE!

Numbero uno of Timothy sans shirt. AHhahah he's mad at his phone :D

I am determined. And he's like "Whatever freak"

Stay tuned for more!
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