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It's been an exhausting time, rockstars. We get a day off after the show tonight! And then we're playing my hometown of Dublin on Tuesday which will be the end of the UK tour. I hope you guys have been having as much of a blast as we have!!!

The Friday show in London was awesome. We were joined by my Ethereal Facade bandmates, Tamm Morrison and Kat Whitney-De Compt, among others! It was completely kick arse! I can't wait to play London again, I love it so much!

This is be being vain before I go on stage. You have to have VOLUME, darlings! Hair and noise-wise!

Quinn took this picture of me in the hotel! There's a few more, but I liked this one best. I was looking at Flynn. He's my best-friend-who-isn't-Spectre-or-Kait, hence the look.

WEARING QUINNY'S HAT! We ran around all day yesterday, singing 'Come What May' from Moulin Rouge because we are AWESOME. I could so be Satine, you all know it.

HAhhaa this picture makes me laugh forever. This is Flynn acting gay and drunk! (Both of which he was and one of which he still is!)

Drunken, chivalrous Flynn holding the door for random women. What a charmer!

And here he is yesterday during soundcheck, joking with our security!love, Greg.

This is Quinn being pretend choked by his brother, Eamon. They're dorks...

And here he is hiding from me because I was trying to make him SING MORE!

WTF, Spectre?!

Spectre, flirting with a blond girl. Not really. He's gay and married, I'm just being obtuse.

This is the look he gives me when I am obtuse. As if I need to be humoured!! ....

The beautiful Kat Whitney-De Compt chronicling everything for posterity. This was her capturing me capturing her right before I then made metal horns wrong. I bet it'll be on Youtube by now *hangs head in shame* Metal!fail...

And Kat. Being amazing. As Kat always is.

Until next time, rockstars!! And hey, if you're in Dublin, we might see you around!!
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