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Heya, Rockstars! We're in Nottingham and it's been quite the week! we're doing shows pretty much non-stop, but that's AWESOME because it certainly keeps the energy up! I can't wait for Nottingham to have a fantastic night and then all through the UK!

And, lovely ones, some big news. Before everyone goes mad with speculation, my girlfriend and I are going to have twins. I'm pregnant, and we're both very happy and excited about the babies. That being said, I'll still be touring as long as it's safe to do so! But I might be getting larger soon enough and I just might have to slip away afterwards to avoid crowds. Just for safety's sake! Know I love you!

I'd like to show you what a bass player looks like very early in the morning...

Ah, the power of coffee, eh?

Our Flynn is a doll.

Flynn's beautiful boyfriend, Quinn. Here he is calling the amazing Adrina because Flynn did something or other adorable thing ;)

Here he is sort of hating the camera but pretending not to!

I love that top he has. So hot!

Behold the Spectre!

He makes a lovely Harker, don't you think?!

My shirt is open so this was appropriately cut for once!

The gorgeous Timothy being rockstarry!!

And Derek posing on a piano like a lady! :D

I'll leave you with this because I look quite pleased with myself there! And I rather am!
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