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On 7 June the BNP won the first of two seats in the European Parliament, when Andrew Brons was elected in the Yorkshire and Humber area by 10% of the vote. Nick Griffin was then elected for the North West region. Griffin stated that it was "a great victory... we go on from here." Meanwhile, the Labour and Conservative parties both referred to it as a "sad moment".

Well shit. Apparently electing racist fuckwits is awesome?

The BNP has a policy of tolerance to homosexuality in private, but states that homosexuality "should not be promoted or encouraged". The BNP opposed the introduction of civil partnerships in the United Kingdom. BNP spokesman Phil Edwards said homosexuality "is unnatural" and "does not lead to procreation but does lead to moral turpitude and disease". Alongside its suggestion that homosexuality "undermines social/marital cohesion by adding confusion", the BNP would make it unlawful to promote homosexuality and "return it to the closet where it belongs"

Awesome. Bring on the dark ages. Why not an inquisition or two while we're at it, eh? BTW? That up there? Not tolerance. Which, in my opinion, is not a very nice word to begin with.

Try 'acceptance', people. It's much better. Trust me, you'll like it. And people won't think you're a total dickwipe either.
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