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I'm practicing every day to make sure I'm ready for touring in June! I'm so excited to tour again! I can't wait to see you all. Make sure to stick around after the shows. We always sign things and we love to see you all!!

Vocal warmups can be boring. It's much more fascinating letting my girlfriend take photographs of me. It panders to my vanity, you see!

The tattoos aren't permanent, and you can't see my actual tattoos!

An outtake of the photoshoot by Joanna Murphy for the Dracula album. Clearly here I am not being Draculaey with that water bottle...

Because all the best photos are taken in the toilet. Oh yes.

Spectre's husband, Ash, being a good little PA and bringing coffee to...actually I think he was bringing that to his sister... That's her carthing anyway.

See? Ash says everything is A'OK! He also looks really good in leather. Wow...

And my beautiful Kaitie. I love her!
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