Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher (deirdre_ionuin) wrote,
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Friends Only, away from Jude

Hahaha!! Okay, Flynn and Quinn came over and Flynn just got so drunk he went all...incredibly Irish on me. Not that he's usually not Irish. But oh my god you should hear it!! His accent! The words that are coming out my my calm Flynny's mouth!! Quinn says this is how he talked back in Whitehead when he was a teenage thug. But it's awesome. I can't understand a word of it! Except every once in a while he says "me fither" which I'm pretty sure means his father... And he keeps calling me 'Swee'hear'' Which is a dramatic underusing of t's!

I can't drink and be pirate Deirdre, but hell if I had, I'd be missing this!! It's quite a show!

Also? 1) Sweet corn and chicken soup does not taste okay coming back up. And 2) my boobies hurt.

Being pregnant is awesome. /sarcasm But at least I won't be a parent like this
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