Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher (deirdre_ionuin) wrote,
Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher

[x] gum: Extra Spearamint.
[x] color: Red, blue, and purple.
[x] restaurant: Anywhere really.
[x] drink: Tea
[x] season: Spring
[x] type of weather: Medium. Enough with the snow!
[x] emotion: *sigh*
[x] late-night activity: Apparently doing THIS.
[x] sport: *cries*
[x] city: Dublin
[x] store: The grocery store, actually. I love to cook.

[x] cried: Oh...constantly
[x] played a sport: I rode horses...
[x] laughed: This afternoon, with Steph. Something about pirates.
[x] hugged someone: heh
[x] kissed someone: Fucking...I don't CARE
[x] felt depressed: Well NOW I am depressed. Should have known better.
[x] felt overworked: At Vincenza's
[x] faked sick: Never really
[x] lied: When I skipped school.

[x] word you said: bye.
[x] thing you ate: lunch
[x] song you listened to: Everyone Leaves by Mortiis.
[x] thing you drank: Pepsi Max. And I feel dirty.
[x] place you went to: skate park
[x] movie you saw: I have NO idea...
[x] movie you rented: Ditto

[x] hugged: Renee
[x] cried over: Renee
[x] danced with: Renee
[x] shared a secret with: Slink
[x] had a sleepover with: Renee
[x] last person you called: Steph messaged me..
[x] went to a movie with: Renee
[x] saw: Steph and Imogen
[x] were angry with: Fucking Renee AGAIN.

[x] danced in the rain: Yes
[x] kissed someone: *sigh*
[x] done drugs: no
[x] drank alcohol: Occasionally
[x] slept around: That depends on your meaning. No, but I did engage in sexual relations for revenge.
[x] partied 'til the sun came up: no
[x] had a movie marathon: yes
[x] gone too far on a date: First date with Renee, first sex with Renee. But I didn't think it was too far then.
[x] spun until you were immensely dizzy: yes
[x] taken a survey quite like this before: yes!

[x] name: Deirdre
[x] gender: female
[x] martial status: Fuck marriage in the ear.
[x] occupation: student.

[x] i'm feeling: Devestated
[x] i'm listening to: Mortiis~Smell of Rain
[x] i'm doing: surveys...
[x] i'm talking to: Fruitcake Dennis. If ghosts count
[x] i'm craving: Her
[x] i'm thinking of: Her
[x] i'm hating: Her

[x] love is: Fucked up.
[x] my first love: Her
[x] my current date: what?
[x] love or lust: I like both. But I don't know....can love even exsist?
[x] best love song: Without you I'm nothing.
[x] is it possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time: Ask Jake, Jack and Avery. I think it definitely is.
[x] is there such thing as love at first sight: No. Lust at first sight.

[x] turn ons: curvy girls who DON'T LIE
[x] do my parent's opinion on my gf/bf matter to me: crazy mother who loves everyone or my crazy father who HATES everyone?! No.
[x] what kinda hairstyle am i into: Anything. I was excited that Renee was growing her hair though...
[x] what is the sweetest thing a guy/girl can do for me: NOT LIE FOR ONE.
[x] where do I go to meet new people: .....
[x] am I the type of person to holler and ask for numbers: No.

[x] how am i today: I don't even know.
[x] pants am I wearing right now: None.
[x] shirt am I wearing right now: None
[x] my hair looks like: Crap. Red Crap. Ew...
[x] what song am I listening to right now: Smell the Witch~Mortiis.
[x] how is the weather right now: cold
[x] what time is it: 21:32 ;)

[x] what are the last four digits of my phone number: :P
[x] if I were a crayon, what color would i be: black, I am sure
[x] have i ever almost died: Yeah.
[x] what's the next cd i'm going to buy: Whatever I find.
[x] what's the stupidest thing i've ever done: Almost dying. dumping her
[x] if i could change one thing about myself what would it be: My whole me.
[x] where do i shop the most: Grocery store
[x] how many kids do I want to have: Oh dear GOD none!
[x] shampoo: Pantene
[x] what am i most scared of: Liam Gallagher
[x] how many tv's do i have in my house: Like 12. It's insane.
[x] do i have my own tv: Several in fact.
[x] do i have my own phone line: Yes. and a mobile.
[x] have i ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone: I fractured my arm.
[x] who do i dream about: Scary scary things.
[x] who do i tell my dreams to: No one anymore
[x] who's the loudest friend i have: Steph but in a good way.
[x] who's the quietest friend i have: Jamie.
[x] is cheerleading a sport:

Oh god....Jude didn't know about Renee.

Now I feel like dying all over again.

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