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Friends Only, away from Erin

This weekend I went to Venice and then my Mam dragged me to Dublin because she had to go visit my wanker brother Sean. Why, I do not know. Something about him being her son, pfft. Anyway, she dragged him back here and now all my siblings are in London. And already Sean has come over to my house and asked if I have any weed and THAT was when my little nephew Parker was visiting!!

I oughta kick him in the balls. Sean, not Parker.

Why can't all my siblings be awesome like Dylan and Paula :( I'm terrified Mam is going to force Sean to STAY here and then he'll be at London College too for his last year, and I will CRY. Dylan doesn't seem pleased either. Sean and Erin always treated him like shite and now they're encroaching on his territory and apparently being really terrible to Finian because he's not their dad. Who, by the way, is a prick. Patrick was my step-father for over ten years of my life, and I saw him all of like...twice. And one of those times? He called me Diane. DIANE.

The world is stupid sometimes, but whatever, I was in Venice :D
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