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New York, New York, What a Wonderful Town

Hey, Rockstars!! After wonderful recording session with my darling in_spectre_mors another friend of mine and I decided to get away from dreary old England for a few days! Where to, you say? Why...dreary new New York! It's thundering like mad and I love it! Charlotte and I have already had a ball and we still have another day and change to enjoy the city!

If you're a native of the Big Apple, keep your peepers peeled for a pair of loud redheads, one Irish and one English. Come up and chat, we'll make a night of it. Hope you have a brolly!!

Good Morning, America indeed!!


When it lightened up, Char and I went to Central Park! I love this fountain.

OOooOOOooOoO arty! And look, it's spring! Buds are coming out!

This is where we're staying, stalkers take note. (Also note I can end you...) The Ritz-Carlton Central Park is AMAZING.

See?! This room kicks arse. And the view is incredible and there's a telescope. You know. To watch the little people go about their lives? Random.

The entrance at night. OoOOOOoO SPOOKY!

Charlotte. A photographic Essay. Here she is. Just a lovely damsel in a park in the middle of the city.

See her cleavage? How it invites you in?

Come one, come all, to Charlotte's doorstep!

And you too can join in her scintillating game of hide and seek. Also? Apparently bamboo graffiti is awesome? Don't vandalise. It's lame.

Charlotte and I clubbed for like an hour before I decided I looked ridiculous in this dress. I should let my friend Jude dress me...

So...Charlotte and I write this RPG called Darker Melbourne, and she...okay we went to this costume sctore and I was dressing up like one of the characters SHUT UP you wish you were this awesome..

Me, pretending I'm not lost...

When it's raining, time is best spent indoors at wax museums!

Or inside at the pool!

Aaaand this is actually back home in my new flat. If you play pool dressed like this with Flynn and Timothy? You win. :D
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