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Hey, Rockstars. Long time no talk. Since I last updated I've been pretty busy with my personal life. I know, how dare I?! I'm still in University, studying away the long hours of the night, waiting for the rest of the recording for the new album to finish before we move on to vocals. I'm insanely excited for this album. It's going to blow you all away. And of course I've been playing around with some more songs of my own.

Here, have an MP3! Changeling Age

And just in case you're not into the laid back sounds of my solo stuff, I have some photos to, hopefully, retain your affections with.

There must be some girls who don't know how to dress for winter in the atmosphere...

No reason not to be comfy when you do rug up.

Those 'boots' = my new favourite thing. OMG.

Stupid boy jokes make me :| (This is a blatant lie. I don't think I was ready for the picture)

And a sneak peak at the Master, hard at work in his magical domain. The fruits of this labour will cause your ears happiness for years to come!
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