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For Stephie's Eyes Only!!

I have no idea what to do.

I messaged you, but it wasn't very explainy. Jude showed up here tonight. She said she wanted to apologise. Say she was sorry for disappearing and making us worry. God, you should see her, Steph. She's really banged up. She kept trying to leave. To go back home. She told me she was grounded. That she had to go home before they noticed she was gone. Then she all but admitted...everything we thought. I didn't let her go. I told her if she went, I was going too. And that whatever happened to her was going to happen to me too. So she's here. In Renee's room. But I have NO IDEA what to do! She's so...lost. So out of it. Was keeping her here the best thing? God, how can I even start to take care of her when I'm only half here myself?

Everything's so confusing. And she's still saying she has to go back sometime. Jesus Christ this fucking sucks.

Maybe she came here because unconsciously she knew I'd help her? Because she knew I went through something similar and I'd understand. That I wouldn't let her leave. You think that's it?

You can tell me to shut the hell up and stop complaining if you want. I just...I'm clueless here.

I hope she'll stay here.

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