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Friends Only!

Why are so many hair and beauty products cucumber scented these days? When I think of cucumber, all I can think of is Stephie's hoohoosits and I don't want my hair reminding me of Stephie's ladyparts all day long! I'd never get anything done!!

Yesterday I recorded with Johan! Eeeeiiii! It was awesome to sing something all operatically!



HELLO OFFICER TASHA! I stole your hat... Don't arrest me!

So mam wanted to do these risque pictures in the theatre because you know what she's like. I made sure David wasn't there, as he probably wouldn't have appreciated me running around in my knickers posing on things. Not that he's not used to that anyway...


Those shoes = Mam's. They're TOO BIG!

I love my theatre like whoa man. Like whoa.

Of course we have to have a picture from the gantries

And one of me giving Flynn a funny look. Flynn came along and then proceeded to look furiously red the entire day. HE KNEW I WAS GOING TO BE NEKKIDS!

I have to say though, if Mam ever colours in my eyebrows again, I'll kick her.

The gorgeous Jude, who is home!

Renee finally got the Caddy my mam bought me for my birthday painted black. It used to be pink. This is better ;) It's Renee's car though, I don't drive. But that is ONE hot Girlfriend Taxi!

This picture is two years old and that's Ceridwyn, one of the dogs I lost :( Ceri was so cute!

Aaaand then me properly clothed, because I feel I should! for Jesus Christ, Superstar, Peter had to drop out because he'll probably be too ill. Which SUCKS ARSE because he was perfect. I can't even tell you. And I don't think the understudy can do it, and I could re-arrange parts, but it's a bit late in the game... So now I have to decide if we drop the show altogether, do a week-long run (Peter said that was all he could manage and this was backed by Abby) and then start another show, or replace him.

Murgh, sometimes being in charge sucks monkeys.
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