May 22nd, 2010

Vampire Deirdre 2

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FLynn Iz Drink and I AM NOO1 I mean 2 AHAHAHHAHAH TOOOOOO. Giles has rhe tins and I got bOMbed!! YAYAYYAYAYA bombed wirh guiness. GUSiness is Irhsi for Beerrrrrrrr berr beer. FLynney says he i=s a Princwss1! Princesss of th bassists! SAnsd he wanst ro play NOW on tour!! LEts GO YOU GUYS!!wwooooOOOOOO

OMG nwo qUINn has his EYeys out! Hes cleaning it OH CYCLPPeS! CCYLOPS liek in xmens. Without glassses. NO Esting GOATS OR PEEPS CYCQUINN! OMg ahahhaa flynn fell overe. YAY RAWR!

Arrr mattyweys! Wherees the rum gonesz! iN MAH BELLEH HAHAHHAHAHA it fells like warm...
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